AtoX is a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem which supports instant cross-chain trading and payment in multiple cryptocurrencies. Our multiwallet, AtoXSwap is supported by AtoXCoin and operates on the AtoXChain. All in one: AtoX.


AtoXCoin: Free Your Assets
AXC is our proprietary coin. It is designed to provide enhanced functionality to our platform.
Functionality: If a user demands an immediate transaction between two blockchains, a perfect peer-to-peer match is not always guaranteed. Hence, AtoXCoin serves as a vehicle to facilitate quick transactions, while maintaining the decentralized nature of the network.
Stable Value: The functionality of AtoXCoin naturally supports its value; it is designed to avoid large fluctuations or value drops.
Low Cost: Processing fees on AtoXCoin transactions are market-leading. Our decentralized system charges 0.02% (0.0002) of each transaction’s value when using our proprietary coin.

General Assets
$ 15800.00

AtoXSwap: All in One Place.
What is AtoXSwap? A multiwallet which allows you to store multiple types of cryptocurrency in the same place.
User-friendly Interface: On our platform and DApp, you can swap cryptocurrencies with one touch or one click from your phone or PC.
Security: we studied in detail 28 security breach cases and derived three major reasons for lack of security: 1) the servers’ physical location; 2) centralization; 3) lack of data encryption.
AtoXSwap is infallible to all three.

Benefits of Decentralization
Highly reliable
keeps working unless all nodes are disabled at the same time
Market competition
users choose merchants freely according to fees and reputation
Market competition
users choose merchants freely according to fees and reputation
Market competition
users choose merchants freely according to fees and reputation
What problems does AtoX solve?
  • Problems
  • Solutions: AtoX
  • · mining monopolies
  • · highly trusted super-nodes
  • · slow transaction speed
  • · cross-lightning transactions
  • · high energy consumption
  • · PoW(Proof-of-power) => PRCA
  • · centralisation + CEX(unsafe)
  • · decentralised + automatized
AtoX: One-step Cross-Chain Trading
Roman Boštar CEO
· MBA, Maastricht University
· Languages: Slovenian, English,German and Russian
· Former Bloomberg (London, UK) Analyst
· Former Vice President of an Investment Company
Dimitar Kostadino CTO
· MSc Artificial Intelligence, Amsterdam University
· Languages: Russian and English
· Former Director of Java Development for Javelin Group (London, UK)
· Former Technical Consultant for InoCoin (London, UK)
· Former Trading Platform Developer for Beta Corp JSC (Bulgaria)
Pavel Petkov CFO
· MA Investment Banking, New Bulgarian University
· BA Investment and Finance, Amsterdam University
· Languages: English and Russian
· Formerly Senior Trader at ASO Investment Group (Dubai)
Aleksandr Evgenievich Sukharev

Italian cryptocurrency expert

Alexander is the Founder of Itaruss, a digital platform for attracting investments. He was previously Chief Investment Officer of the Association of the Economic Council for China. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree from the State University of Milan in Economics and International Relations.

Swiss cryptographic digital currency association engineer

Patrick has formerly provided market entry for solar cell and companies and other merchants into the Swiss market. Key Account Manager at Sunrise Communications (Zurich), in charge of acquisition of national and international wholesale customers and partners for the products Mobile Virtual Network Operators.
Dimitry Demin

Professor of Swiss university, block chain technology expert

Dimitry Demin is an entrepreneur (PropTech), engineer and researcher with degrees from Russia, Germany and Switzerland (ETH Zurich). Dmitry has worked within interdisciplinary academia and Privatwirtschaft in Singapore, Germany and Switzerland. He does research within Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research mobility as a member of the dencity Group at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Dmitry is currently involved with companies, namely SIX, Daimler, Implenia, Novelis, RIB Software.Dmitry is also the founder of AlgoTecture which is based in Crypto Valley (Zurich, Switzerland) and frequently hosts hackathons.
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